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Circuit Board

Assembly Capabilities

What are your certifications?

  • ISO9001:2015

  • ITAR

  • IPC-6012 Class 1-3

  • UL Approved #E71379

  • IPC-A-610 trainer on site

  • J-STD-001 trainer on site

Do you have the capability to place a 00105?

  • Yes

What is your maximum PCB Size for SMT assembly?

  • 500 x 460 mm

  • 19.685 x 18.1102 inches

What is your maximum PCB Size for THT assembly?

  • 609.6 x 609.6 mm

  • 24 x 24 inches

  • Larger assembly is possible, but it will have to be hand soldered.

Maximum height the reflow oven can allow? 

  • 60.1 mm

  • 2.366142 inches

What documents are required to quote a circuit board assembly?

  • Bill of Materials aka BOM

  • Assembly drawings (not necessary but help)

  • Photos (not necessary but help)

  • Gerber files

  • Quantities

  • Solder finish type (lead, ENIG, lead free)

  • Lead time

  • Are the pcb's in an array? If so, do we need to break them apart after?

Does your facility have capability for PCB rework (hand solder)?

  • Yes, we do have the capability and equipment for PCB rework.

What is your lead time for complete order to ship processing?

  • Standard lead time is 5-6 weeks including boards.  PCB 3 weeks PCBA 3 weeks standard.

  • Expedited services available from 24,48,72 hours 1 week, 2 week, 3 week, 4 week

What is your time required to start a PCBA build after components have been delivered?

  • We can assemble the same day the last component arrives.


Production Line Capacity

  • SMT Capacity 18,000-30,000 components a hour.

  • THT Capacity - 9,600 pins per day.

Stencil questions:
  1. Do you use step stencil technology?

We can do step stencil if required.

  2. Will you take a stencil supplied by the customer?

  • We will take customer supplied stencils.

  • Please note 23 x 23 thin frame (space saver) is preferred.  

  • Max stencil size is 29 x 29.

Are customer supplied boards and components, ok?  Do I need to purchase all of the components?

  • Yes, they are ok. Some customers prefer us to buy the components, while others prefer to buy them themselves. Some prefer a combined approach for hard-to-find components. If a part is obsolete or has a long lead time, our engineers can find substitutes as well. Customer supplied parts are not guaranteed and must be provided in media that can be placed by our equipment. Extra parts are required for parts attrition.

What is your prototype capability and equipment?

  • Having manufactured PCB's for over 49 years in house we have a lot of knowledge and experience in PCB's.  Since adding assembly in 2019 we have expanded to full box build for our customers.  We also have hired in-house engineers for PCB design.  Our assembly equipment is geared towards quick turn/mid-low volume. 

Does your company share temperature profile with your customer prior to starting SMT?

  • We do share our company's temperature profiles when asked.  We can run our Solderstar thermal profiler prior to SMT if customer asks or if required by PPAP.

Do you need a pick & place file?

  • We prefer to program from CAD (.cad) or Gerber (.gbx) data.  Pick and place data files are not needed for Europlacer SMT equipment.

What type of de-paneling equipment do you use?

  • Fancort Industries: VPD3-1S (scoring machine)

  • Excelon Mark IV (drill, route, score)

  • Manual operation we will use plyers if necessary.

Do you have an ICT (in circuit tester) in house?

We do not have an ICT tester.  We do have three flying probe testers for blank PCB's only.  For in-house assembled circuit testing we use the following equipment.

  • Oscilloscope

  • Multimeter

  • Bench supply

  • DC load

We can perform those checks according to customer specs using the equipment listed above.  If a customer provides test fixture, we can use that as well.  If not, we can design one if required.​

Does your AOI have 2D and 3D capability?

  • Our AOI machine: Omron VT-S730 it has 3D imaging projectors and 5 optical cameras to inspect every angle of every component and lead.

What is your X-Ray capability?

  • X-Ray parts counter: VJ Electronix XQuik II.  Does basic X-Ray of PCB but does not detect if part is shorted underneath. Used for counting parts before/after production. X-Ray of BGA and buried pads is available and done offsite by a local facility.

Can you place a BGA?

  • · Yes, placement is available but no x-ray in house to verify no bridging.

  • · X-Ray service is available.

What is your QFP Pin Pitch? QFP:

  • 40 μm (.40mm)

What if there is a quality issue with a PCBA?

  • If a label is placed on the PCB with a QR code, barcode, serial number or any unique identifying system we can trace what parts were placed on what PCB.  With the AOI & SPI machine it will store that information of any rejected parts as well.  Labels are upon customer request.  A full RMA & SCAR will be written up.  Our PCBA comes with a 1 year warranty (see quote for details)

What is your standard label size?

  • 0.75 X 0.25 inches

  • 19.05 X 6.35 mm​

How do you track the production can you produce serial number and labels?

  • Production is tracked through an in-house system.  We can print labels for serial numbers, barcodes, QR codes etc. using our label maker.  The labels we use are specifically designed to handle SMT reflow temps (260+ F).  They can be placed before during or after any of the SMT/THT processes.  They are made to handle high heat, parts washing as well as flux residue.


Conformal coating questions:
  1. Type of conformal coating material used


  • Part #: 2018-G

  • Type: Acrylic conformal coating


   2. Do you use manual or machine operation for conformal coating? 

Operations include:

  • Full dip

  • Brush

  • Spray (recommended)

Do you have an equipment machine list?

  • Fancort Industries: VPD3-1S (de-paneler)

  • AOI Machine: Omron VT-S730

  • SPI Machine: Omron VP9000

  • X-Ray parts counter: VJ Electronix XQuik II

  • SMT Stencil Printer: Speedprint Technologies SP700 AVI

  • SMT Pick & Place Machines:

  • Europlacer IINEO+ (aka IINEO 2)

  • Europlacer IICO

  • Reflow Oven: BTU Pyramax 98N

  • Selective Solder (THT):

  • (2) Hentec/RPS Vector 300

  • Hot Air/Rework Tool: JBC Tools NASE-1C

  • Soldering Rework Stations: JBC Tools DMPSE-1QA

  • Soldering Stations: JBC Tools CD-1BQE

  • Fully Automatic Wire Cutting/Stripping Machine: VEVOR SWT508-HT2

  • Pneumatic Crimping Tools: Mophorn AM-10

  • 3D Printer: Markforged Mark Two (Gen 2)

  • Flying Probe PCB Tester:  Microcraft EMMA (3)

  • Solder Profiler: Solderstar SLX THERMAL PROFILER

  • Parts Washer: Aqueous Technlogies Trident ZDO

  • Stencil Washer:  Aqueous Technolgies Stencil Washer ZDO

  • Excellon Mark VI: Rout, Drill, Score​​

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